The skill of a headhunter at the scale of a job board.

Access a network of 40,000+ vetted talent, ready for your role.

Why CollabWORK

Hire with confidence

Pre-vetted communities and networks mean talent you can count on

Faster sourcing

Land qualified candidates 3x faster than traditional agencies

Cost efficiency

The quality of a headhunter at the cost of a job board

We screen & source for you, so you can get down to business.

Vetted global talent network

The highest quality candidate pool, pre-screened and ready to get to work

Creative focus

The best talent in community, comms & media

Community empowerment

Enabling targeted reach and referrals at scale

Targeted & curated sourcing

Go beyond the job description to find nuanced expertise for your role

Find great candidates today

For Enterprise

Candidates you can count on, fast.

Access our vetted networks to address nuanced hiring needs over 3x faster than traditional sourcing – and take your candidates from interview to onboarding all inside the CollabWORK platform.

For Small Business and Agencies

The experience you need at the touch of a button.

Our professional communities and vetted networks are experts in their fields, matching you with the perfect person to address any business need.

For Web3, AI & Emerging Tech

From pseudonyms to new softwares, sourcing the right candidates for emerging fields is harder than ever. Hire at the speed of tech with our verified talent network, from AI savvy copywriters to Discord managers.

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