The first community-empowered hiring platform

A referral for every job and every candidate. CollabWORK taps into curated professional communities for fast, nuanced sourcing, modern referrals, and candidates you can count on.

"[CollabWORK] honestly comes at a perfect time. We just don't have the capital or bandwidth to onboard the amount of HR people we'd need to meet demand."

CEO, Early stage SaaS company

The skill of a headhunter at the cost of a job board

Referrals are 4x more likely to land roles, but getting them? That's another story.

Meet CollabWORK. The first platform that harnesses the power of community to enable referrals, verification and vetting. Make hiring – and getting hired – a breeze.

How it works


Tell us about what you're looking for - and don't leave anything out! We go beyond the job description to ensure perfect fit.


Roles are distributed through our talent and community network to reach the right talent pools, faster.

Matching & Referral

Candidates are matched with roles directly in the CollabWORK platform, enabling transparency, control, and ease for both employers and talent.

Our talents

The best people aren't on job boards. They are networking in communities. So to find them, we go where they are.

At CollabWORK, we partner with dozens of curated professional communities to source and vet the perfect person for your role – whether it's on set or online.

Workforce Experience

Talent on our platform have worked at Amazon, Google, Meta, Twitter, NBC, Cameo, Insider, Vox, and dozens of other leading companies.

Role Types

Salaried | Freelance | Part-time | Hourly gigs | Short term | And More

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Roles we place

Community Manager
Social Media Manager
Content Creator
Graphic Designer
Content Strategist
+ Dozens More

"Thanks to CollabWORK's curated approach to recruitment, we were able to review a stream of highly qualified candidates. Their hand-picked shortlists made our hiring process smooth and stress-free."

Leo Nasskau, VP Operations, Culture3

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