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We're on a mission to make hiring easier for employers, and job searching better for candidates.Through the power of community, everybody wins.

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From insight to impact: The founding story of CollabWORK - innovating recruitment through community power

CollabWORK was born from a single insight: Connections open doors. Founder Summer Delaney spent over a decade building a successful career in media at companies like Amazon Studios, Yahoo, CNN, News Corp and Tribune Media.

Summer never got a role through applying online. Her network and communities helped her find great gigs, and she learned that power is often limited by circumstance - if you knew the right person, or if the hiring manager happened to be on the right list-serv, Slack channel, or Facebook Group.

So CollabWORK was launched: Empowering both candidates and hiring managers to tap into the power of community at scale for trust, transparency, and satisfaction in creative recruiting.

CollabWORK is building the first community referral-based system to find the best work and workers. Unlike other platforms out there, we are invested in your professional development. We care about what you want to do today, and what you want to create in the future. We hope you join us.

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Meet the CollabWORK team

Meet the dynamic individuals behind CollabWORK. Our team, with diverse backgrounds and unique talents, is united by a common goal: to revolutionize the way you hire. Get to know us!

Summer Delaney
Founder & CEO

Summer Delaney is an award-winning journalist, content strategist, web3 connector and member of the creator community. She is the founder and CEO of CollabWORK, the first community-empowered hiring platform leveraging online networks and advanced AI algorithms to match talent with top jobs.

Over the past decade, Summer has grown digital communities and produced award-winning content at CNN, Yahoo News with Katie Couric, CBS Interactive and Tribune Media where her videos have received over 500 million views. She has also worked as a consultant and a program manager at Amazon Studios, News Corp, Protégé and Wilde.

Ashley Headshot
Ashley Soley-Cerro
Recruiting & Ops

Ashley is a former journalist and digital media manager, a role that honed her skills as a communicator, a versatile platform expert, and a fearless learner and unlearner. She is also a people-first manager, always prioritizing the needs and growth of her team members. Now, she brings all these skills to her role as the Recruitment Operations Manager at CollabWORK.

As the second hire at CollabWORK, Ashley plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's operations and strategies. Her diverse skill set and commitment to excellence make her a key figure in the company's growth and success.

Victor Moreira
Product & Marketing

Victor brings a wealth of experience from his marketing agency background to his role at CollabWORK, where he contributes in all aspects of product and marketing. With a proven track record in the marketing industry, Victor has honed his skills in strategic planning, brand development, and customer engagement. Recently Victor has become well-versed in all things automation and no-code.

His expertise in marketing, combined with his understanding of product development, enables him to bridge the gap between product creation and market implementation.