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CollabWORK connects job seekers with relevant opportunities, leveraging the power of curated professional communities. Our platform ensures that you are directly in front of the right hiring managers every time.

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Flip the script with CollabWORK; our network matches jobs with you

CollabWORK connects you with relevant opportunities, leveraging the power of your communities to curate jobs that align with your skills and aspirations. Our approach gets you directly in front of the right hiring managers every time.

Great Gigs, No Guesswork

No surprises here. We vet and review every role to ensure that you're set up to do your best work from interview to onboarding.

Match What Matters to You

Remote team? Collaborative environment? Diverse workplace? Whatever you're looking for in your next role, CollabWORK's expert matching finds the right fit.

A Network to Build Your Net Worth

From profiles that go beyond the resume to community-enabled referrals, tips and tricks, and networking opportunities, we enable you to put your best foot forward in your job search.

Harness the Power of Your Network

Your communities showcase your successes. Standout from the crowd with a network that says it all while you give back to your favorite groups.

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Find your dream job with CollabWORK

CollabWORK is the ultimate platform for job seekers, connecting you with relevant opportunities that align with your skills and aspirations. Sign up today and let us help you find your dream job.

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Start your journey by signing up on CollabWORK and creating a comprehensive profile that showcases your skills and experience.

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Our powerful matching algorithm will analyze your profile and connect you with job opportunities that align with your qualifications and preferences.

Connect Directly with Hiring Managers

CollabWORK ensures that your profile gets directly in front of the right hiring managers, increasing your chances of landing your dream job.

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Join new communities with CollabWORK

In the age of information overload, sifting through countless job postings to find relevant roles can be daunting. CollabWORK revolutionizes this process by leveraging an AI-driven model to curate and present only the most pertinent, high-quality job opportunities directly to your professional community. By ensuring that the roles are tailored and relevant, CollabWORK not only streamlines the job search but also adds immense value to your community, reinforcing its position as a hub for genuine growth and opportunity.

CollabWORK partners with some of thebest professional communities

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Add Your Favorite Community

CollabWORK believes your network is your net worth, which is why we created Community Connect, a searchable database of communities our members may want to join.

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Our customers love their CollabWORK hires

At CollabWORK, we are committed to helping our customers find and hire the best talent, fast. We believe that our platform is the most efficient and effective way to hire, and we are proud to have helped our customers achieve great success.

"I was looking for a specific profile in the intersection of branding and climate - not an easy task. Not only I got an applicant in the next day, but the person was a perfect fit! Maybe this is because their community strategy allows them to access a broader number of profiles, and quickly narrow it down to what is actually interesting for us. Flawless experience"

Head of Growth, Fintech & Renewable Energy Startup

"Thanks to CollabWORK's curated approach to recruitment, we were able to review a stream of highly qualified candidates. Their hand-picked shortlists made our hiring process smooth and stress-free."

VP of Operations, Media Brand

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"[CollabWORK] honestly comes at a perfect time. We just don't have the capital or bandwidth to onboard the amount of HR people we'd need to meet demand."

CEO, SaaS Startup

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"CollabWORK has revolutionized the way we approach our recruitment strategy. Their carefully curated selection of candidates has streamlined our hiring procedures, saving us both time and resources"

Director of Marketing, Law Firm

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