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Building a Career in Web3: Opportunities and Challenges

May 30, 2023
Building a Career in Web3: Opportunities and Challenges

Unfolding the Web3 Career Path

In an era defined by constant technological innovation, one domain has emerged as a beacon of opportunity: Web3. As blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and decentralization continue to reshape the way businesses, communities, and individuals operate, it becomes evident that Web3 is not just a passing trend but a profound shift in our digital interactions.

MyBFF's Twitter Space: Exploring Careers in Web3

MyBFF recently hosted a captivating Twitter Space, exploring the opportunities and challenges of building a career in Web3. The conversation hosted three distinguished guests: Summer, the founder of CollabWORK, a platform that leverages the power of community to streamline hiring processes; Lauren, the founder of Women of Web3, a community dedicated to supporting women in the transition into the world of Web3; and Morgan, the founder of Roo Labs, a company developing the first on-chain job marketplace.

The Current State of the Web3 Job Market

One of the key questions addressed during the discussion was the demand for talent in the Web3 space, particularly in light of the perception that things might be slowing down.

Summer emphasized that even amid a perceived slowdown, substantial work is happening behind the scenes. Builders are still building, and brands with a long-term commitment to investing in technology are still hiring. Despite the challenges of finding work in the current climate, she encouraged listeners to view this as an opportunity to invest in themselves, upskill, and find meaningful projects that align with their career goals.

Morgan provided supporting evidence, stating that Web3-related job searches have increased 4X in the last three years. Crypto adoption has surged year over year, and more businesses globally are anticipated to transition to Web3. Echoing Summer’s sentiment, he asserted that there are definitely opportunities available, but they may require more diligent searching and creative effort to uncover.

Lauren echoed these sentiments, noting the increase in searches for Web3 careers on her platform. Although job vacancies are down, she encouraged individuals to take a proactive stance, skilling up in their spare time, contributing to discussions online, and demonstrating their interest and initiative in the Web3 space.

Understanding the Nature of Web3 Work and the Skills in Demand

The speakers also delved into the nature of work in the Web3 environment and the skills currently in high demand. They discussed whether Web3 is friendlier to contract or freelance positions and what skills are sought after in the field.

Summer emphasized that everyone could bring something to the table, whether it’s technical building skills or community building aptitude. She advised candidates to recognize their “superpowers” and understand that many web2 skills could translate well into the web3 world. Teamwork, advocacy for your project, and dedication are qualities that will always shine through.

Lauren affirmed that Web3 is indeed well-suited for portfolio careers and urged more women to embrace this. She pointed out that while hard technical skills are always in demand, soft skills and a demonstrable interest in Web3 can be incredibly valuable. She also noted that as more Web2 brands transition into Web3, the terminology might evolve, thus affecting how job seekers conduct their searches.

Morgan highlighted that roles like social media managers, Discord mods, solidity developers, and full stack developers are in high demand. He noted that the work nature tends to skew towards contract work, especially in the startup scene. But he also pointed out that as one gains skills and experience in the field, opportunities for full-time roles with larger, established companies entering Web3 could become accessible.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no definitive roadmap for building a successful career in Web3, the key takeaways from this discussion provide a solid foundation. Make sure to acquire relevant skills, be adaptable, actively participate in communities, and most importantly, be open-minded to learning and growth opportunities that come your way. With the right mindset and the courage to venture into the unknown, it can be a rewarding journey full of exciting possibilities and groundbreaking innovation.