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Navigating the Web3 Landscape: Advice for Aspiring Community Managers

May 27, 2023
Navigating the Web3 Landscape: Advice for Aspiring Community Managers

The Importance of Community Management

Community management has become an integral part of modern society. As we spend more and more of our time online, it is essential to create and sustain a positive online environment that promotes growth and learning.

The Journey to Community Management: Interview with Ann, Community Lead at MyBFF

Ann, Community Lead at MyBFF, understands the value of building and engaging with a loyal community. With a passion for helping people navigate the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, Ann made the transition from hospitality management to community management, where she can create a positive impact. In this interview, Ann shares her approach to community building, discusses the essential skills of a successful community manager, and provides valuable advice for those seeking to enter the field.

What inspired you to pursue a career in community management, and what are some of the key skills and qualities that someone in this role should possess?

“I was looking for a career shift that provided more value to myself in the contribution and impact I can make to others. I feel a sense of purpose helping others to navigate the Web3 space and excited by the possibilities for what is to come. Coming from a managerial background in the hospitality industry, I have a love for people and it was a natural transition to a community role. I think the key skills and qualities required are communication skills, time management, team player, authenticity, kindness, and knowledge of the Web3 space and social platforms.”

What is your approach to building and engaging with a community, and what strategies have you found to be most effective in doing so?

“Listening and engaging authentically. Every community member and their voice are valued. We love to highlight community achievements, provide education and access to industry leaders through our Twitter Spaces & workshops to grow skills and keep up-to-date with the goings on of Web3.”

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out in community management, and what resources or tools would you recommend they use to get started?

“Research and build your skills and knowledge of the Web3 space, connect with people & projects that are providing resources for employment in Web3, find projects you align with, demonstrate your skills through engagement, be authentic, and show up! Core team members are watching and will notice. More often than not you will be in mutual Discord servers, or the same circles on Twitter so I think it’s a good idea to treat every interaction as part of your prospective job application.”

Conclusion: The Power and Impact of Community Management

Community management plays a vital role in creating and maintaining a positive online environment. By fostering connections and relationships among community members, community managers can create a sense of belonging that positively impacts individuals and organizations alike. Also, with the right skills and approach, community management can provide a fulfilling career and a positive impact on others.

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