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The Power of Online Communities: How One Person Landed their Dream Job at CollabWORK

May 27, 2023
The Power of Online Communities: How One Person Landed their Dream Job at CollabWORK

Changing Landscape of Work and Online Communities

There’s no denying that the world of work is changing. With the rise of online communities, people are finding opportunities in new and exciting ways. Derrick’s experience of landing a job at CollabWORK is a perfect example of the power of community, and how it can transform one’s career. In this blog post, we’ll delve into his journey, exploring the timeline of events that led to his success and why online communities are becoming the go-to source for talent discovery.

Derrick's Journey to CollabWORK

This is how Derrick’s journey unfolded:

I met Joey Debruin after his workshop on writing as an input for collaboration in @0xFoster’s Season 2. When we met, I told him I was looking for community building opportunities. Being the supremely helpful person he is, after our 1:1, he posted this tweet:

Summer, the founder of CollabWORK (who I didn’t know at the time) posted this reply:

I signed up for a CollabWORK profile, but wasn’t able to finish signing up right away, so I put off finalizing my profile for a couple of weeks.

Then, Summer posted a Sales role in the Opportunities channel in Generalist World (created by @MillyTamati, and a community I’ve been a part of for about 6 months now), and I immediately DM’d Summer w/ this:

She replied with this:

Ashley, CollabWORK’s Recruitment Ops Manager, reached out to schedule an initial interview. We had an amazing chat and she scheduled an interview w/ Summer.

Summer and I also had a wonderful chat, they confirmed all of my references, and I received an offer a few days after.”

The Power of Community in Talent Discovery

Now Derrick is working in an unusual capacity, combining his skills and passions as he tackles Sales and Community Management at CollabWORK!

Derrick’s journey is a testament to the power of online communities in helping individuals find the perfect, unique job. Traditional job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed aren’t going anywhere any time soon, but online communities are quickly becoming the most effective way to discover talent. People are connecting, engaging, and growing within these communities, making them ideal places to spot potential candidates.

CollabWORK: Bridging talent and opportunity

At CollabWORK, we understand the potential of online communities and aim to bridge the gap between job opportunities and the talent cultivated within these spaces. Derrick joined the team to help make this vision a reality, and he is now on a mission to help others unlock opportunities every day.

If Derrick’s journey and the potential of online communities have piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to become a part of CollabWORK. By joining our platform, you’ll gain access to new opportunities that can transform your career.

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