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Welcoming Our New Feature: Community Connect!

July 6, 2023
Welcoming Our New Feature: Community Connect!

The power of communities extends far beyond social interaction. They offer a platform for professional growth and continuous learning, providing job seekers with valuable community networking opportunities to accelerate their careers. With our new Community Connect feature, we are excited to facilitate this journey for you, helping you discover communities that can potentially redefine your professional path. The power of networking is just a click away!

A Hub for Community Exploration

Our Community Connect feature is built to be your hub for online community building and discovering diverse communities. You can browse and search by area of work, industry tags, or platform — allowing you to find communities that align with your interests or career development opportunities.

Whether you are a graphic designer seeking for design communities, a copywriter longing to connect with like-minded writers, or a job seeker on the lookout for job search tips, Community Connect has got you covered.

Community Insights

We believe in transparency and understanding. With Community Connect, you’ll gain comprehensive insights into a community’s culture, members, focus areas, and recent activities. Informed networking is beneficial, especially when preparing for a job interview.

If a community has provided an invitation URL, it’s there for you to join immediately. This way, you can dive into the community, start conversations, share ideas, learn, and grow. We believe that with more accessible community invitations, we can foster deeper connections and collaborations.

Affinity Focuses: Your Interests, Your Community

Each community is unique, and we celebrate this uniqueness through the display of affinity focuses. If a community has specific interests or focus areas, they will be listed, providing a quick snapshot of what the community is about. This allows you to find a community that resonates with your passions, interests, or expertise — an essential factor in career development opportunities.

Sharing is Caring

While Community Connect is designed for you to discover and join new communities, it also enables you to share the communities you’re already part of. By sharing these communities, you help them grow and become even more dynamic and engaging.

You can tell us about your community, what it focuses on, and what makes it special. Your contributions can help other users discover your community, join in, and enrich the experience for everyone involved.

Share your community with us here.

Your Community Awaits

Being part of a community provides a sense of belonging, opportunities for learning, and potential for personal and professional growth. With the launch of Community Connect, we hope to make these connections more accessible and meaningful.

So why wait? Dive in, join, and share with Community Connect! It’s time for us to grow, learn, and thrive together through community networking. Your community is just a click away!

This feature is exclusively available to users who sign up for a CollabWORK account. If you’re interested in accessing this feature, sign up here.

If you’re already a member, click here to view Community Connect.